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Afghanistan Strategic & policy Studies Organization (ASPSO)



Afghanistan has suffered horrible conditions and heart-wrenching crisis for more than three decades. Unfortunately, these agonizing circumstances have become the state of affairs of the country. This unpleasant status quo steers the country towards a deadlock, which necessitates a responsible, impartial, and profound study of the issues to find out ways of dealing with the crisis through positive and constructive dialogue among various Afghan parties. Such studies could be made free of the impact of any internal or external, personal or factional interests by using an academic and applied approach that is not based on emotions. . The motive for founding the Afghanistan Strategic & policy Studies Organization (ASPSO)

is to translate the aforementioned dream into action, and to provide researchers with academic, accurate and clear information on issues related to Afghanistan.

Established on Feb 2015 in Kabul, (ASPSO) is a non-profit entity, aiming to serve along with other civil society organizations by facilitating constructive dialogue, conducting quality research, and issuing periodical policy papers and strategic reports about the political, social, cultural and economical status of Afghanistan

Our vision

The vision of the (ASPSO) can be summarized as follows:

  1. It engages in three core activities: research, education and capacity building
  2. Facilitation of productive dialogue among various actors of the Afghan political arena; and
  3. Developing effective policies and practical strategies for the future of the country.
  4. To promote the culture of strategic thinking


The mission of (ASPSO) is to conduct quality research on strategic and newsworthy issues to help researchers, scholars, policymakers and decision makers in understanding various dimensions of national, regional and global issues related to Afghanistan for the purpose of playing a positive role in its various developments.

Objective And Goals:

  • The ASPSO is an independent, not-for-profit research institute
  • dedicated to providing qualitative,
  • Conducting studies and researches on crises and recommending solutions; and
  • Contributing in raising public awareness of decisive issues.
  • non-partisan and policy-oriented research, publication, translation of books/reports,
  • professional training and policy advocacy with distinct focus on Afghanistan. A cross-cutting priority of ASPSO is to empower the youth through specific programmatic initiatives,
  • as the youth represent the future of the country.
  • Promote the culture of consultation & negotiations within the Afghan society
  • Create the bridges of rapprochement and understanding with others, and promoting the culture of tolerance, and mutual respect;
  • It engages in three core activities: research, education and capacity building
  • To promote the culture of strategic thinking
  • Conducting comprehensive analyses of plans, policies and issues;
  • understanding the status quo of the areas falling in the scope of the canter;
  • Creating and developing thoughts;
  • developing comprehensive and strategic thinking;
  • Finding new domains of strategic research;
  • Getting together all parties involved in the Afghan conflict and the ongoing
  • affairs for negotiations;

Means And Activities

In order to contribute to ongoing efforts in consolidating Afghanistan’s fragile achievements and realize the nation’s immense human and natural resources, the ASPSO uses a series of instruments, including:

  • Conducting independent researches
  • Entering partnership agreement with respected and like-minded research institutes
  • Publication (books and journals)
  • Translation of important books/articles from English into Farsi/Pashto and vice versa
  • Organizing seminars, conferences, workshops (provincial , national, international) and briefings
  • Offering executive type leadership training programs
  • Initiating and sponsoring annual public awards for recognizing outstanding Afghan youth and international personality
  • Integrating conventional and modern social media tools/networks in all its activities.

Beneficiaries of the Center

The beneficiaries of ASPSO’s will be:

  • Policymakers and decision makers;
  • Entities involved in research field and strategic planning;
  • Academic institutions and individuals;
  • Members of legislative institutions, parliament, and advisory committees;
  • Senior journalists and media men

Fields of Research

  • Issues related to Afghanistan: internal politics, foreign policy, security, education, economy, and culture;
  • Issues related to neighboring countries and the region;
  • Global issues related to Afghanistan and Islamic world


Conferences, seminars, speeches, roundtables, dialogues, research papers, periodicals, special issues and books

Organizational Structure

  1. Academic Council – The members of the academic council are assigned for a period of three years from specialists and experts of different academic arenas. This council meets once a year to examine the progress of the center’s work and to ensure its reconciliation with the mission and goals of the center.
  2. Board of Directors
  • The president

Research coordinators

  • Supporting Sections

Note: Currently ASPSO is conducting its activities with a smaller team, and will gradually become fully operational as resources allow.